Looking to capture your dreams to become a renowned Mortgage Broker? Don’t just work for paycheck, join 101 Loans – One of the leading groups of top mortgage brokers in Australia.

Do you have a zeal for reading up on ongoing financial trends and like to look up properties and latest deals being procured? Well, you might just have it in you to become a mortgage broker. Mortgage Broking as a career opens your mental capacities to evaluate options better while building your communication and analytical skills multifold. You get to network well and close deals while you’re going places.

Even if you don’t have the necessary knowledge but a passion to serve people and the patience to find the best deals for them, you’ll make a great broker under our training modules. With the right work ethics, integrity and ardent will to bring the best resources to the table in the client’s absolute best interest, endless opportunities open up.

If you’re coming from another group or wherever, we look forward to welcoming you to 101 Loans family where we aim to have fun, look after each other and our clients and most importantly abide by some values and principles.

At 101 Loans, you would receive


Regular mentoring
You will receive regular support from your mentor. This includes discussing policies, scenarios, deal structuring, customer service skills etc. 


Group support
Being a part of a supportive team is extremely advantageous than working by yourself. You will be added to the WhatsApp group where we all stay connected and seek support from fellow brokers when needed.


Lead generation
We run our own lead generation campaigns and the leads generated are distributed amongst brokers.


Office availability
The office at point cook, Vic is available for you to use at any time of the day. You can conduct appointments, meet clients, and obviously have a workplace for daily use. Also, this is the place where most brokers work from so you can mingle and connect with brokers daily.


Full back office support
We believe brokers are meant to be making relationships, conducting appointments, and generating sales whilst admin tasks can be managed by our back-office experts. This frees up 80% of brokers time.


101 Loans is a well reputed brand and we have worked extremely hard to reach this stature. You will have yourself be associated with the esteemed brand.
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